Senin, 04 April 2011

Descriptive Text Exercise

Read the text!

Debby Putti is a model from Surabaya. Now she is a student of State Senior High School 71 Surabaya. Debby is the first daughter of Mr. Fajar Putti and Mrs. Ana Karaeng. Debby became a famous model when she won the competition of Teenage Model 2005 and YTV Jrang-Jreng 2004.

Debby is brown-skinned. She is tall and slender. She is 17 years old. Debby has wavy, short, black hair, a pointed nose and rather big ears. Her face is oval and her cheeks are dimpled when she smiles.

Debby is an attractive girl in her blue jeans. She likes wearing a cotton jacket and a T-shirt. She always wants to feel relaxed. She is neat and well-dressed.

Debby is a cheerful and friendly girl. Everybody likes her because she is a humorous and creative girl. She gets on well with other people and she never forces her opinions on others. But sometimes Debby is short-tempered when she loses her personal things.

Her hobbies are cooking Japanese food, shopping and singing. Debby has a beautiful voice and her favorite singer is Kris Dayanti.

Answer the following questions in the comment box below!
  1. What does the text talk about?
  2.  What is the purpose of the writer in this text?
  3.  What is Debby’s profession?
  4.  How did she become famous?
  5. Can you describe Debby’s physical features? If you can, describe her!
  6.  How does the way Debby dress?
  7.  Is the text written in simple present tense? Why?
  8.  Mention her positive and negative traits!   
  9.  Identification of the text in paragraph....  
  10. Description of the text in paragraph(s)....  

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