Senin, 04 April 2011

Rising Stars

For the past few years we have witnessed a lot of multi-talented artists debuted in entertainment industry and boasted straight to stardom. Few of those RISING STARS are:

Bruno Mars

 Alex Pettyfer


Glee Cast

Well, I believe you have your own favorites. The names that I mentioned above are just a few of great artists who are now currently on the top of popularity. For the next activity, you are given the opportunity to share what you know about your favorite rising star. 
You can first create an outline to help you writing your descriptive text. Be careful! in writing the text you should apply the structural organization of descriptive text that I have explained previously. The first draft should be posted here in my blog. At the end of it, you should be prepared to make an oral presentation summarizing in your own words what you have written in your text. 

Things that should be considered in your text are:
1. Who is s/he?
2. How did s/he get into entertainment industry?
3. What is her/is notable work or project that shot her/im to popularity?
4. Why is s/he your favorite among other entertainers?
5. What do you expect from her/is future project?

tips: to make your descriptive text interesting, choose an artist who you're REALLY interested in. so that you can share a lot of ideas about them and have fun while doing it.  

*good luck*

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